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Guy Holliday, Staff Reporter

April 18, 2012

If guitar music and passionate singing can be heard reverberating through the halls of Hitchcock dorms, do not be alarmed; it’s just Mark Hooton and Alex Silvi finishing up their band’s most recent album.

Their band, Stand in Motion, began years ago when they attended Maple Valley High School together. Since those early recording days, they have completed two albums; a six-song EP called “Reflections”, and their most recent “Between Here and There”, which is in the final stages of recording in the dorms.

Hooton, freshman public relations, and Silvi, freshman film and video studies, have had to adjust to their new recording surroundings since continuing their project at Central. Their EP was recorded primarily late into the nights, but with complications due to roommates, classes, and general rowdiness from the dorms creeping in, they have taken to recording almost entirely during the daytime hours. Hooton believes this has contributed to the alteration of their sound for the better.

“This album is a lot brighter [than Reflections],” Silvi said of “Between Here and There.”

They have definitely come a long way from recording on a boombox back home in Maple Valley, to professional recording software, microphone, and Martin DC Series guitar.

Both members have been dedicated to the musical path since the beginning, and both are fortunate enough to have families and friends who support their dreams.

“From all the different sports I played when I was younger, the one thing that has always been there has been my music,” Hooton said. “It’s the one thing I’ve always done.”

Music is not just a phase for Hooton and Silvi; it’s the purest expression of who they are as people.

“When my friends got jobs, they would save up their money for their cars,” Silvi said. “I would use all my money to buy recording equipment.”

Silvi worked at Safeway during high school to pay for his dream of making and recording music, and it has finally started paying off.

“That’s more motivation to make this a living,” Silvi said. “There’s no way I want to go back to working at a grocery store.”

There were a few years in which they didn’t record together at all.

“I think we needed that to become what we are now,” Hooton said.

During their downtime, Silvi spent his time recording hip-hop, while Hooton focused on an indie style. These disparate influences have combined to make Stand in Motion the eclectic mix that it is today.

“I think those few years were just us maturing musically,” Hooton said.

Stand in Motion has had their songs played on radio stations around Washington, including NWCZ radio in Tacoma, and Washington State University’s college radio station. They have played shows at various venues, including Studio 7 in Seattle. They have a top-secret upcoming show in the middle of June that they aren’t quite ready to start promoting yet.

“It’s going to be HUGE,” Silvi said. It’s going to be at Chop Suey in Seattle, according to the band. “Our biggest show by far,” Hooton said.

Stand in Motion’s first EP can be heard and downloaded for free on their Facebook page.

Freshman band Stand In Motion does anything but


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