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Students try to neuter new logo: New 'Cat head causes controversy at Central

The new Central Washington University ’Cat head icon has brewed up a storm of fire and ice, with both positive and negative opinions flaring from the student body. Out of 30 students and staff who were asked at random, 10 liked the new ’Cat head, 16 preferred the old one and five felt indifferent about the change.

Issue 7

Stan Dudley: an Ellensburg fixture

Parents head to campus for a weekend of fun

Hanging up the headphones

R.I.P Dead Day

Look at that new BOD

SEOIs take on new look

Issue 6

Sam Reed encourages student vote

Bun Yom life story anything but sweet

Wildcat shop receiving summer remodel

Gabbing with Guadino

Brains on a plane: Honors students showcase work at New Mexico

German major cut

RSVP volunteers shine

Issue 5

NODAC discusses organ donations

Students sweet and sour over SURC food

ROTC finishes 13th out of 55

Students try to neuter new logo, New ’Cat head causes controversy at

The show must not go on, Luna cancels future tours for financial

BOD Candidates introduce themselves to public

Beer program brews up success

Issue 4

Putting the budget puzzle together

KCCCN targets underage drinking

To the Yak and back

Cali competition: Battle Bots Club heads south

Central’s national treasure

Central granted to help potential gambling problem

Pedersen preaches Hindu-Muslim peace at Raw Space

Issue 3

Chamber of Commerce supports Carl’s Jr. ribbon cutting

Proposal for water park stays afloat

Issue 2

Extreme makeover: logo edition

Primary focus: BOD elections approaching

It’s all in the mindset

Issue 1

Grocery Outlet in the bag

Women’s studies department adds ‘gender’ to title

Hall explores Roslyn history

Career Quest Fair dances into Ballroom

Winter 2012

Issue 9

Fireside chat

New buildings in the works at CWU

A source to get your business off the ground

There’s a body in the classroom!

Issue 8

German fights to stay

Craven teaches students about black history

Pika pals: biological conservation

Community rallies to fight childhood obesity

Issue 7

Science can be cool too

Fighting for the right to marry

Students get someone to talk to

Transit stops subject to change

Center merge to save S&A money

BattleBots: Rise of the machines

Issue 5

BOT extends the olive branch at meeting

Students get a lobbying chance

Facebook’s timeline causing campus controversy

Oh what a night for science

One day homeless count in Kittitas County

Major Fair

Issue 4

S&A splits over funding request

SAS, activism discussed by BOD

White washed

Stay safe this winter

Creative fundraising

Issue 3

Three students poisoned by carbon monoxide

Professor talks on Anitomical Anomalies

Central gets new director of university advancement

Creativity meets community

Central forms agreement with Taiwan schools

$160k grant pays for microscope

German program fights elimination

Issue 2

Central student faces deportation

Central faces $1.6 million loss

March for MLK promotes unity

Program centers merge

2+2 and 1+3 = more students for Central




Spring 2012


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